seo keywords

What Are You Talking About?

I am on a treasure hunt for good SEO content and I invite you to join me!


You’ve probably heard that SEO is all about your content.  And this is mostly true: Google  — and other search engines — value unique and “fresh” content.

So if you want to be seen and found by Google, you need to a content strategy for your site.

Not sure what to write about?

Here is the good news: I bet you’ve done most of the work already!

On our hunt for SEO gold, I suggest you start combing through content you’ve already written, whether for online or offline consumption. This can include:

  1. Your blog or vlog
  2. FAQs on your site
  3. Product descriptions
  4. Guides and checklists: do you publish a holiday gift guide? a new baby checklist? a new job survival guide?
  5. How-to articles in your area of expertise Continue reading