Got Address? SEO For Local Businesses


Are you a local business? A florist in NYC? A pet care provider in Houston? A restaurateur in Orange County?

If geography is part of how you want to be found – this “secret” tip is for you!  

One of the best — and commonly overlooked — free SEO tool is Google Places, a free service that allows your business to show up on Google Maps.

It is also the engine behind the new HotPot service (Google’s response to Yelp), which any businesses with a local presence should watch closely.

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How Many Customers Are Looking For You?

search_magnifyingglassIf you have a business plan or have tried to write one, you probably know that market sizing is one of business plan musts. What is the total universe of potential customers for your product?

If you invent a new type of baby bottle, you probably want to know how many babies are born every year. A small business consultant I recently met knew his target market size cold: 18 Million small businesses in the U.S. alone!

If you plan to market yourself online, I have a nifty little market size shortcut for you. I call it your Total Search Universe. It indicates the number of people who are actively looking online for what you offer.

While speaking with a fellow Savor member, I was able to quickly learn that over 300,000 people searched for “cold sore” on Google last month. And if you add “how to get rid of cold sores,” “chronic cold sores,” and about 20 other ways people ask in Google, the numbers add up to over 500,000.

That’s half a million people who are most likely in pain or extreme discomfort ready to pay good money to make that discomfort go away. So while Total Search Universe is not the same as your market size (some people with cold sores may be running to the pharmacy instead of Googling), it gives you an idea of how many people could potentially see your website.

If, of the 500,000 people who search on Google, your site received just 1% of the visitors, that would equal 5,000 new potential customers!

Ready to calculate your Total Search Universe? Here is how:

  1. Go to the Google Keyword tool:
  2. Type in your top keyword(s) and hit Search
  3. Review the list of results and remove any that don’t make sense
  4. Choose the Export option to download the list into Excel
  5. Voila! – you now have your Total Demand Universe in the Global Monthly Search Volume column.

How can you use this information?

  1. As a sanity-check for your business goals.
  2. To plan your marketing strategy and set benchmarks
  3. To actually write that business plan or prepare for a conversation with a potential investor

Happy market sizing to you!

Sneaky Ways To Use Google AdWords

Did you know AdWords gives you some cool intel on your customers and prospects?

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Testimonial from Lisa Elia PR

“Lana Goldenberg has been great to work with! She has been very strategic in planning out and writing Google and Facebook ads that will really draw people to my site. She’s also gone above and beyond our working agreement by posting about my PR program and free calls on Facebook and Twitter and in her newsletter. She’s a joy to work with and very effective–a great investment!

-Lisa Elia,