Lana Goldenberg – YOUR “VP of Marketing”

My goal is to support entrepreneurs and small businesses in attracting their ideal clients. This means getting your phone to ring, your sales to come in, and your ideal clients seeking out your expertise.  I create a custom plan to help you reach your goals,  and put together the right resources and tools to get it done. So you can do what you do best: deliver outstanding service and share your gifts with the world.

Here is a sample of the services, skills, and technologies I use to support you. As your “VP of Marketing,” I will:

  • Laser in on your ideal client – the most crucial yet overlooked step in setting up your marketing
  • Develop your message, so it resonates with your ideal client
  • Recommend the best places (online or offline) to deliver your message so your ideal clients hear it
  • Create your 12-month marketing plan, with benchmarks for ROI. This means investing your advertising dollars very strategically, only in channels where your ideal client hangs out
  • Audit your website for SEO, so you are taking advantage of the biggest free sources of clients – Google and other search engines
  • Manage any necessary updates to your website – with your team or mine (I have aligned myself with top copywriters, graphic designers, branding experts, and web developers)
  • Update your website copy, positioning your website for SEO success
  • Facilitate your product launches, so you are filling your programs, selling your products, and setting yourself up for leveraged and passive income
  • Share my networks and resources – this is my favorite part of what I do! I love connecting people and have yet to run into a question from a client that my network doesn’t have a solution for.
  • Recommend strategic partners for your joint ventures
  • In short, make sure you are fully supported when it comes to all things marketing.