Public speaking is hands-down the fastest way to attract more clients, make more money and have impact!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011 at 12:00 pm Pacific 

Public speaking is the fastest way to attract more clients, make more money and have the impact you want to have – when you know what to say so that people will choose to work with you! 

  • Can you afford to keep leaving thousands if not tens of thousands of dollars in potential revenue on the table every time you get up to speak from the stage? 
  • Do you watch other speakers clean up – and wonder if you can do the same? 
  • When you do public speaking, do people tell you what a great job you did – but nobody’s buying?  


This special Lunch With Lana is called “Powerhouse Profits through Public Speaking”. 

You’ll learn specific steps you can take to produce faster results.

I’ll be hosting my colleague John Rasiej creator of Speak Louder Than Words to show entrepreneurs how to better use public speaking to connect with audiences so they take action.     

Register for this call to find out how great public speaking can make the difference for you.

About Lana Goldenberg
A busy “mompreneur,” Lana is passionate about ending the online overwhelm and overspend that commonly afflicts entrepreneurs and small businesses. Prior to launching the consultancy, Lana enjoyed a successful 12-year career in Marketing and Product Management at organizations ranging from family businesses to Fortune 500 corporations.
Lana Goldenberg & Associates is a full-service marketing consultancy with a specialty in connecting solopreneurs, small businesses, and organizations with their ideal clients.
Lana’s latest project is Your Online Visibility Blueprint, a step-by-step system designed to help business owners Be Seen and Be Found on Google. In additional to consulting work, Lana speaks and trains organizations on the topics of Search Engine Optimization, Social Media, and Online Visibility.
Lana holds an MBA from UCLA and a B.A. from UC Berkeley. A native of Russia, Lana is based on Southern California and works with clients nationwide.
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