Promoting Yourself Authentically
Your Online Visibility
Without The “Ewww” Factor
FREE Webinar

Thursday, September 22nd at Noon PST

Are you ready to be the face of your business?

I’ve discovered that many business owners find self-promotion distasteful or even shameful. And guess what, I can relate!

Yet, if you don’t share your message, how will you reach more customers?

In this webinar, we will cover:

* Why self-promotion is crucial to the survival of your business

* top 5 social media and networking mistakes that sabotage your confidence

* the #1 exercise I personally use to connect with clients more authentically

* how you can align your marketing message with what feels true an tasteful to you and your brand

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About Lana Goldenberg


Lana Goldenberg & Associates is a full-service marketing consultancy with a specialty in connecting businesses with their ideal clients. In addition to working with clients individually, Lana is a sought-after speaker for professional groups and organizations on the topics of Online Visibility. Lana’s passion is to educate independent professionals and business owners so they can use today’s technologies to be seen and be found by the people who need their expertise. Leveraging both her corporate and entrepreneurial experience, Lana is able to easily relate to a variety of audiences Lana holds an MBA from UCLA and a B.A. from UC Berkeley. A native of Russia, Lana is based on Southern California and works with clients nationwide.

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