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3 Quick Ideas to Boost Your LinkedIn Profile

LinkedInI am honored to have my tips included in a article about LinkedIn.  It’s not every day I get mentioned in the same article as President Obama!

Today I want to share 3 quick ideas for boosting your LinkedIn profile. Each of these takes about a minute to implement, so you really have no excuse to put it off. 

As a bonus, I will share how LinkedIn helped me get featured in this article.



1) Optimize your headline. If you do nothing else, take a minute now and click “Edit” on your LinkedIn profile. The first area you are able to edit is called your Professional “Headline.” This is your 120 character elevator pitch! Don’t forget to include your search keywords here! 

2) Post an update: LinkedIn now has a status update field, which means you can use it the way you use Facebook or Twitter – to communicate in real time what you are working on, or to ask a question. Not sure what to say? Check out my 5 Non-Salesy Social Media Post Ideas

3) Write a recommendation for a colleague, employee, or vendor you’ve worked with. Having recommendations in your profile increases your LinkedIn visibility. By proactively writing a recommendation for someone, you are improving your karma and the chances that you will receive a shout out in return.


BONUS: in August I was visiting family in San Jose, CA. Before my trip, I used one of my LinkedIn Groups to find a women’s networking event in the Bay Area. At the event, I met an editor from, who was covering the event. When I got home, I of course, found Rachel on LinkedIn and connected with her. A few weeks later, she called me when she needed a resource for a story on LinkedIn in light of President Obama’s Town Hall.  

Now that I’ve mentioned LinkedIn a dozen times in one short blog post…you know what to do, right? For your bonus tip, go find a professional group on LinkedIn that matches your interest. Your strategic connections and future clients are just a few clicks away!

Do you have a LinkedIn success story? Leave me a comment – I’d love to hear it!

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