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Promoting Yourself Without The Ewww Factor

Are you ready to be the face of your business?

I’ve discovered that many business owners find self-promotion distasteful or even shameful.

And guess what, I can relate!  I used to dread sending one too many email newsletters, posting one too many tweets, or making that extra follow up call to the client. I didn’t want to be a pest, annoying, or blowing my own horn.  I would promote 10 third-party events or special offers before I would write something about my own business.

I even made up a story about my brand: my brand was above  it all: cold calling, sales letters, loud colors on my website. 

This worked for a short while, until a client said: why didn’t I know you offered this new service? And a colleague asked why she didn’t know I had a workshop coming up  – she would have loved to register if she knew about it a week earlier!

That’s when I realized that not promoting myself enough was a disservice to my clients, current as well as future.  Continue reading