5 “Non-Salesy” Ideas For Social Media Posts

Are you tired of talking about yourself? 

Promoting your business is an important reason to use social media, but your readers and followers probably don’t want to hear Buy! Buy! Buy! from you every day.  Continue reading

Google Places Reviews: Where Did They Go?

If your business has a physical address, coming up as a dot on the Google map is HUGE!

And if you have a Google Places listing, as of this week, some of the reviews associated with that listing may be gone.

What happened? Google ate them!
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Testimonial from Lisa Elia PR

“Lana Goldenberg has been great to work with! She has been very strategic in planning out and writing Google and Facebook ads that will really draw people to my site. She’s also gone above and beyond our working agreement by posting about my PR program and free calls on Facebook and Twitter and in her newsletter. She’s a joy to work with and very effective–a great investment!

-Lisa Elia, LisaEliaPR.com

Client Success Story

Jumped to #11 in 2 weeks! Hi Lana, just wanted to let you know the good Google search news for my search term, Feng Shui Consultant NYC. Thanks again for the help!”

UPDATE: Made it to Page 1 of Google!

-Ann Bingley Gallops,  OpenSpacesFengShui.com