Are You Doing Everything? 5 Projects You Can Outsource Today to a VA

Many of my clients don’t know what project they could give a VA (Virtual Assistant) when I gift them with a 2-hour VA time bonus. From scheduling to web design, from billing to client services, they do it all!

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Marketing Like A 3 Year Old?

Do you have a strategy, or are you doing things in your business to copy your friends?  Continue reading

Features vs. Benefits

What is the hardest part of “selling” your business online?

 Hint: it is not finding potential clients, or getting more people to come to your site.

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Sneaky Ways To Use Google AdWords

Did you know AdWords gives you some cool intel on your customers and prospects?

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How Well Do You Know Your Customer?

Are you intimidated by writing your own sales copy? The first question I often hear from new clients is “Do you know a good copywriter? I can’t write my own ads!” My answer is:  if you really know your customer, your copy will write itself!

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