Promoting Yourself Without The Ewww Factor

Are you ready to be the face of your business?

I’ve discovered that many business owners find self-promotion distasteful or even shameful.

And guess what, I can relate!  I used to dread sending one too many email newsletters, posting one too many tweets, or making that extra follow up call to the client. I didn’t want to be a pest, annoying, or blowing my own horn.  I would promote 10 third-party events or special offers before I would write something about my own business.

I even made up a story about my brand: my brand was above  it all: cold calling, sales letters, loud colors on my website. 

This worked for a short while, until a client said: why didn’t I know you offered this new service? And a colleague asked why she didn’t know I had a workshop coming up  – she would have loved to register if she knew about it a week earlier!

That’s when I realized that not promoting myself enough was a disservice to my clients, current as well as future.  Continue reading

Google Places Reviews: Where Did They Go?

If your business has a physical address, coming up as a dot on the Google map is HUGE!

And if you have a Google Places listing, as of this week, some of the reviews associated with that listing may be gone.

What happened? Google ate them!
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Got Address? SEO For Local Businesses


Are you a local business? A florist in NYC? A pet care provider in Houston? A restaurateur in Orange County?

If geography is part of how you want to be found – this “secret” tip is for you!  

One of the best — and commonly overlooked — free SEO tool is Google Places, a free service that allows your business to show up on Google Maps.

It is also the engine behind the new HotPot service (Google’s response to Yelp), which any businesses with a local presence should watch closely.

Here is my 3-step guide to Google Places: Continue reading

What Are You Talking About?

I am on a treasure hunt for good SEO content and I invite you to join me!


You’ve probably heard that SEO is all about your content.  And this is mostly true: Google  — and other search engines — value unique and “fresh” content.

So if you want to be seen and found by Google, you need to a content strategy for your site.

Not sure what to write about?

Here is the good news: I bet you’ve done most of the work already!

On our hunt for SEO gold, I suggest you start combing through content you’ve already written, whether for online or offline consumption. This can include:

  1. Your blog or vlog
  2. FAQs on your site
  3. Product descriptions
  4. Guides and checklists: do you publish a holiday gift guide? a new baby checklist? a new job survival guide?
  5. How-to articles in your area of expertise Continue reading

Want SEO Strategies? Play The Family Feud!

Today’s blog is a departure from my regular SEO and marketing topics. As part of my campaign to My genius husband gets credit for this one: getting your top SEO keywords is like playing Family Feud!

SEO is all about connecting your ideal client — and the way she communicates with Google – with your web presence. Sounds simple enough, right?

The tricky part comes when you begin writing down the keywords. Although Google is scary smart, it is quite literal in matching keywords that are typed in to keywords that it can find on your site.

So if you and your client use different words to describe your business – Google’s “matchmaking” program may miss the chance to connect you two.

As business owners, most of us begin by describing what we are: esthetician, holistic wellness practitioner, marketing strategist.

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