1-Minute SEO Check For Your Website or Blog

SEOGetting to page 1 of Google takes months of consistent and thought-out steps. Sound overwhelming?  

There are many things you could do daily to increase your SEO, and some take more effort than others.  Start by taking ONE step today.

Here is a simple one you can do today: check the Title of your website.

This sounds almost too simple, yet many sites (including my own after it was redesigned!)  have no title or use a default title that does not tell Google very much about the content of the site.


If your website was a book, the tag of your home page would be the title on the cover. And that’s the first piece of information search engines review when they decide how to categorize your site.


Using my site as an example, “Lana Goldenberg” is fine for a title, but it doesn’t include my keywords!

I am changing it to “Lana Goldenberg: SEO Consultant, Small Business Consultant and Marketing Speaker.”

I was going to make it more fun and use phrases like “online visibility guru” or “small business marketing diva,” but according to my personal SEO advisor, aka the Google AdWords tool, 40,500 people a month search for “SEO Consultant” and only 880 type in “online visibility.”

So I let the numbers tell my story and go with the perhaps boring but well-accepted phrase “SEO Consultant.”


If you are not sure what the title of your home page is, a quick low-tech way to check is to search for it in Google.

how to find your site title using google

In the search results, the first line (the part that’s hyperlinked) will contain your title. To update your title, ask your webmaster, or, if your site is in WordPress, go to  the Settings Menu, and select Site Title.

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