Promoting Yourself Without The Ewww Factor

Are you ready to be the face of your business?

I’ve discovered that many business owners find self-promotion distasteful or even shameful.

And guess what, I can relate!  I used to dread sending one too many email newsletters, posting one too many tweets, or making that extra follow up call to the client. I didn’t want to be a pest, annoying, or blowing my own horn.  I would promote 10 third-party events or special offers before I would write something about my own business.

I even made up a story about my brand: my brand was above  it all: cold calling, sales letters, loud colors on my website. 

This worked for a short while, until a client said: why didn’t I know you offered this new service? And a colleague asked why she didn’t know I had a workshop coming up  – she would have loved to register if she knew about it a week earlier!

That’s when I realized that not promoting myself enough was a disservice to my clients, current as well as future. 

Still, getting over my story was not easy! After all, I was not raised to blow my own horn. I never dreamed of being in the spotlight. My values are good work, solid reputation, and integrity.

Only good work doesn’t get you far if no one knows about it.

If you don’t share your message and who you are, how will you reach more customers?

I know I am not alone in this; many of my clients shared that self-promotion seems wrong and distasteful to them.

So I decided to make self promotion the topic of this month’s Lunch with Lana.

In this webinar, we will cover:

* Why self-promotion is crucial to the survival of your business

* top 5 social media and networking mistakes that sabotage your confidence

* the #1 exercise I personally use to connect with clients more authentically

* how you can align your marketing message with what feelstrue an tasteful to you and your brand

The event is free but limited to just 15 participants, register today to reserve your spot.

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