Google Places Reviews: Where Did They Go?

If your business has a physical address, coming up as a dot on the Google map is HUGE!

And if you have a Google Places listing, as of this week, some of the reviews associated with that listing may be gone.

What happened? Google ate them!

Ok, not exactly. But it is taking steps to separate reviews that it had previously aggregated from Yelp, TripAdvisor and other third-party review sites.

What does all this mean to you?

Your listing needs more reviews directly on Google.

In today’s 1-minute Visibility tip, I share ideas for turning your customers into raving fans on Google.

Your listing is only as good as the review.. and let’s face it, getting customers to leave a review can be a challenge!

Here are 3 ideas for you:

1) MAKE IT EASY: Include a link to your Google Places listing in your email signature. Your customers are busy, and a one-click process is much more likely to get completed.

2) PUT WORDS IN THEIR MOUTH: I think as consumers, we’ve all been there. We just don’t have anything to say! As a business owner, you can suggest a few phrases for your customers to use in their review. Maybe you are known for “personal service,” “great location,” and “knowledgeable staff.”  Again, it’s about making it easy.

3) INCENTIVES: this is where you can get creative. From discounts to VIP passes to small gifts, you can use incentives to encourate your customers to become your raving fans on Google.

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