Want SEO Strategies? Play The Family Feud!

Today’s blog is a departure from my regular SEO and marketing topics. As part of my campaign to My genius husband gets credit for this one: getting your top SEO keywords is like playing Family Feud!

SEO is all about connecting your ideal client — and the way she communicates with Google – with your web presence. Sounds simple enough, right?

The tricky part comes when you begin writing down the keywords. Although Google is scary smart, it is quite literal in matching keywords that are typed in to keywords that it can find on your site.

So if you and your client use different words to describe your business – Google’s “matchmaking” program may miss the chance to connect you two.

As business owners, most of us begin by describing what we are: esthetician, holistic wellness practitioner, marketing strategist.

This is a good start, but it may lead you down the wrong path. Your ideal client may not know to search for a marketing strategist. Instead, she may be googling how to “get more clients.”

“Esthetician” is my favorite example: I image most people can’t even spell it right.

While “esthetician” may be the way you describe yourself, and what is on your business license, that is not how a customer would look for you.

Instead, here are the actual keywords your ideal client is likely to type into the Google search box: facial, spa facial, microdermabrasion, facial in Santa Monica.

Here are a few tips for selecting your SEO keywords:

1)   Write out a list of all products and services that you offer: pet sitting, house sitting, personal assistant, errands assistant.

2)   Run this list through Google’s FREE keyword tool – the Google equivalent of “Survey Says!”(http://www.google.com/keywords) to rank these keywords by search volume. The ones that get typed in the most will be your biggest bang for the buck. What gets the most search: hair stylist, hair cut, or hair salon?

3)   If your service is local, don’t forget to include your city or county: are you a personal trainer in San Francisco? a hypnotherapist in Chicago? a boutique florist in NYC? Including the location in your list of keywords increases your chances of being found on Google.

Once you have the list, ask yourself: would these keywords be up on the Family Feud board? What would the Survey say?

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