Are You Doing Everything? 5 Projects You Can Outsource Today to a VA

Many of my clients don’t know what project they could give a VA (Virtual Assistant) when I gift them with a 2-hour VA time bonus. From scheduling to web design, from billing to client services, they do it all!

While I admire them for their myriad talents and commitment to getting things done, I also know that freeing up as little as 1 extra hour per week can be very profitable if you use that time well.

Here are my personal top 5 projects to outsource to a Virtual Assistant this year:

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1) Editing and re-writing my articles to be posted on blogs, newsletters, article marketing sites, guest blogs, etc.

2) Newsletter production: the formatting, proofreading, finding images, pre-scheduling of your ezines can easily be outsourced. I know that uploading images into iContact drives me crazy, while my wonderful VA actually enjoys the process. And she is faster at it than I am! So a task that can take me 1-2 hours per week might only take Susan 30 minutes. That’s ROI I can get behind!

3) Building and updating sales pages for my programs and products. Even with an easy-to-use content management system like WordPress, this eats up hours of my time for every program launch.

4) Billing and customer service: after a very costly attempt at setting up my merchant account on my own, while also juggling about 12 important projects, billing was the first task I outsourced. I haven’t looked back since!  I also find it more professional to have a separate team handle payment processing, while I focus on delivering my content.

5) The newest project on my VA list is to update all my professional membership
on various sites and organizations I belong to, with the latest bio, pictures, and information about my latest programs.

When I started on my entrepreneurial path, I prided myself on being able to handle everything myself.  I had an MBA and corporate experience so I thought I didn’t need any help. I quickly discovered that not asking for support was a recipe for failure.

As with many investments, when we step up to receive help – even for 1 hour a week – we open the space for bigger

happy woman at computer

happy woman at computer

opportunities to come in.

What are the tasks and projects in your business that are taking up your valuable time?  Which if these can be delegated to an employee, and intern or a virtual assistant? How much of YOUR time will that free up?

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  • Aloha Lana, I enjoyed your post on VA and glad you shared it in details and what to expect. when that time comes around for me I definitely will keep this in mind. Glad I came by and thanks for sharing. Mahalo, Lani :)

    PS..glad I saw your info., on fb, so here I am. Feel free to drop by sometime.

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