SEO and Your Website: 3 Questions to Ask Your Webmaster, part 3

In this “SEO begins with your website” series, we have covered meta data, and what to ask your webmaster regarding potentially-invisible images on your site.

The 3rd question I’d like for you to ask your webmaster is:

Is there any Flash on my site?

Flash is what enables the beautiful animation and interactive features on most websites.

The problem with Flash is that Google can’t read what’s inside.  The analogy I like to use is to see your website as a book: your URL is the title, your tabs are the table of contents, and your content is the text of the book. Then image that in the middle of the book you have a gorgeous insert.  Google doesn’t know how to read it so it simply skips it!

So if your mission statement, product names, or important news are hidden inside Flash, they are invisible to Google. Which also means they are invisible to thousands of potential customers who are searching for what you offer.

SOLUTION: There is a technical workaround that may or may not be part of your website code. Much like an <alt> tag for your images, this solution allows you to explain to Google what’s inside your Flash feature. Hint: ask your webmaster about something called <noscript>.

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