SEO and Your Website: 3 Questions to Ask Your Webmaster, part 2

In part 1 of the “Ask Your Webmaster” Series, I described how to maximize the use of meta data on your website.

Today I’d like to continue with another commonly overlooked “visibility blocker” on your site: images!

Question to ask your Webmaster: Do My Main Images Have <ALT> Text?

FACTimages are invisible to Google. Which may be ok. (Do you really want Google to index that picture of a lemon you used to go with your blog entry about turning lemons into lemonade? which was actually a post about breakups?)

It is NOT ok when your top SEO keywords are hidden inside those images. I just reviewed a brand-new website where the menu of services was one giant image.  Which means that an opportunity to let Google know what services you offer was wasted.

SOLUTION:  If you must keep this information inside an image, please ask your webmaster to add an <alt> tag with a description of what’s inside that image.

This will allow Google (and other search engines) to read the text and decide whether your website should be on page 1 or page 100 for your top SEO keyword.

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