SEO and Your Website: 3 Questions to Ask Your Webmaster, part 1

Just like victory, charity, and many other good things, SEO (or Search Engine Optimization – the process of making your website more visible on search engines) begins at home.

The biggest SEO surprise for many entrepreneurs is that SEO begins on their website.

Before you invest into linking and other “off-site” SEO strategies, make sure your “house” is in order.

In the coming posts, I will be sharing key areas to address with your webmaster or designer.

Today I’d like to start with the area most commonly associated with SEO: your meta data.

Please ask your webmaster:

What are the current site title, description, and keywords for my home page? And, how can I change them?

Your goal is to include your top SEO keywords — the way you want to be found by your ideal customers — in each of these areas.  If you sell modern diaper bags, your keyword is “modern diaper bags.” If you are a fitness expert in San Francisco, your keyword is something like “personal trainer San Francisco.” If you help your clients overcome ___ (fill in the blank), your keyword is ___ (fill in the blank).

Your site tile and description are prime SEO real estate!

Yet, by default these “meta” fields are filled out with your company name,  or even left blank!

[Meta Keywords, once the hallmark of SEO, are much less important as of late 2009, when Google announced it no longer took meta keywords into consideration when ranking websites. I still recommend filling out 5-8 SEO meta keywords because they still matter for other search engines.]

The good news is that meta data update is usually a basic task that should require no more than 30 minutes of your webmaster’s time. It may even be an administrative option that you can update yourself.

For bonus SEO points, repeat this exercise for every key page of your website.

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